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ETO always allows you all the Cordial opportunity to globally coordinate airfreight shipments with the most safe, timely, seamlessly, and bitable cost possibly. Being well recognition, we have often met all major Airlines staff and also their management to strengthen and build up closely relationship in the turn of not only getting special export air rates, transit time earliest but also spaces are quite available ever, such as Y8 (Yangtze express airline), FM (Shanghai Airline), MU (China Eastern).

In facts, we've kept posted with Airline beautifully even since our initiation, presence but in the future. Therefore, whatever, whoever comes into our service it's always given more priority with the most satisfactory manners softly.

- Handling all type of export airfreight shipments from International airport of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hongkong & Hangzhou, China to overseas destinations with daily flight departure regularly. - Handling all type import shipments Airfreight worldwide into China.